High Fives


An on-demand experience, best delivered to your entire organization 

This life changing wellness immersion online program reinforces your health and wellbeing during various stages of life. With a focus on both the mind and the body, we bring each to life through six modules. Each modules is given its own focus, after you determine your purpose. 


This program focuses on the company’s most valuable asset (that's you!), helping your organization fuel higher performance as individuals design a future of purposeful, happy living. The following describes each of this program's pillars in detail. 

Foundations: Have Purpose


Physical Energy

Module 1. Move

Module 2. Rest

Module 3. Nourish

Emotional Energy 

Module 4. Self-Regulate

Module 5. Engage

Module 6. Balance

Participants begin by taking a balance assessment, providing direction on which pillar to start with. Once completed, Theory of Me will guide participants through a series of challenges until all pillars are complete. Full engagement reporting is available. 

Mountain Peak