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While our clients represent companies of all sizes (5 employees - 60,000 employees) and industries, they have common goals in mind:

  • Maintain employee health and happiness as a priority

  • Continue to improve company culture

  • Work/life balance (Like really do it. Embrace it. Not just talk about it.)

  • Passionate organizational growth

  • Unique teamwork development

  • Hope to create or build upon a culture of wellbeing

  • Care greatly about individual employee growth and happiness 

What our clients love most about working with us:

  • Improved health, happiness, engagement and accountability within teams

  • Individuals feel that the company values and is investing in them as an individual

  • Increased sense of camaraderie 

  • Ever-changing industry-relevant content

  • Common language of health and wellbeing immersed throughout the organization

  • The use of individual purpose as a tool to create more meaningful time spent on the job

  • The ability to find meaning and increased happiness without the situation or relationships changing

  • Measurable improvements in employee emotional and physical health


This course helped our new, growing team find a common denominator, despite us being in different geological locations. As a team, we were able to decide what work/life balance looks like and how to invest our energy to never sacrifice our own happiness, and always focus on growing the business. 


- Lindsay, Founder & Principal Wedding Planner

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