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Our Core Values are not just words on paper. We commit to living up to these every damn day. What you read below is EXACTLY how we described them during planning. 

Authenticity - The whole picture. Good, bad, ugly. Mistakes too. Our biggest failures will not be forgotten when coaching clients. If they do not see the bad, we give false perspective that we're always buttoned up. <lots of laughs>

Relatability - We are all friends. We are in this together. We all struggle and fear everyday. We are all putting ourselves out there together. This builds credibility. Engage with the audience, coworkers, friends and family. To a fault. 

Humor - This can be used to entertain, engage, and lighten the mood. We do not want to do anything that we cannot have fun with, and have that same standard for our clients. This can open the door to telling the hard truth sometimes. Anything is possible with fun and jokes. 

Challenge - We love to challenge ourselves otherwise and those we work with. With this value we love our employees and clients just as they are, and enough to want them to get somewhere further. 

Encouragement - As facilitators and coaches, we want to breathe life into people with words. We will never underestimate our role in changing a day's trajectory of someone's life just through words alone. 

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