New Year, New.... Nope. Not much is new here!

When we think of the New Year, we think of the double edged sword that comes with rituals. According to Wikipedia, a ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects, performed according to a set sequence. It goes on to say that rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, and are characterized, but not defined, by formalism, traditionalism, invariance, rule-governance, sacral symbolism, and performance. Okay, what?! You lost us at formalism. No thanks.

As performance facilitators, we live and die rituals. We teach about them in our sessions but with a heavy focus on how they make us feel intuitively, not at all on a timeline or what the outcome will do to us. Our ambassadors have provide incredible content on rituals that have literally changed participants' lives. But the New Year's ritual? It doesn't particularly sit well with us. It traditionally comes with shame and guilt, one that assumes we should leave the past behind and start new. It often comes with a mentality that sets us up for failure or implies that we’ve been doing something wrong. Today we're here to talk about our New Year's approach to rituals and why it is different from the "New Year's Resolution" you're used to seeing.

At Theory of Me, we've practiced New Year's rituals for the past 5 years of being in business together, and it looks like this:

  • Bring back an old ritual, habit or goal that you loved and have let drift away.

  • Spoil yourself, or what we like to call the "Me" Ritual, with something simple that will remind you daily that it is essential to take care of yourself.

  • Commit to an easy ritual that will make you feel successful and keep your goals afloat.

So! Here are the New Year's Rituals that I (Jackie, our founder) am ready to take on in 2022. I chose these because they are daily reminders to focus on my health, which historically has rolled into all aspects of wellbeing (nutrition, recovery, movement, etc). 2022 is a true recovery year for me as I’m just coming back from maternity leave in January (welcome, baby Austin!)

  • Bring Back an Old Ritual - We used to purchase Purple Carrot, a plant-based meal plan, pre-portioned out & delivered right to my door. I talked myself out of spending the $12 per serving when we had our second child so we could "save". Now after our third has arrived, the $12 per serving feels like gold will be delivered right to my doorstep. Friends, this one is simple, tasty, easy to follow and takes away all meal planning while providing so much of the good stuff. This is JUST what my new mom brain needs! See what's cooking on Purple Carrot's upcoming weekly menu here. We went with the Pulled BBQ Jackfruit, Smoky Portobello Tacos & Grape Leaf Pilaf.

  • "Me" Ritual - In August I took a "baby-moon" with two of my best friends to Miraval, Austin. Their tagline is "Wellbeing delivered", and that they do! Every last detail of our visit was heavenly (I’ll write more about that another time… trust me, you want to hear about it!). While I was there, my partner spoiled me with a prenatal massage in their spa where I showered and was left with an unforgettable moment in the pre-massage shower. Showerspa Eucalyptus Mist physically reminded me to pause, soak in the moment and immediately purchase to transform my teensy home shower into a baby spa if at all possible. It made it to the top of my Christmas list, and when Santa delivered I immediately put it on recurring subscription. (Side note - do all men gag the first time they smell this? I don't understand AT ALL!)

  • Easy Ritual - Cold Shower. To go right along with the Eucalyptus Mist, I decided to commit to a daily cold shower, courtesy of the Whim Hof method. I'm no stranger to the cold shower, but it has been a "come and go" healthy habit. Starting 1/1/2022 this will be a daily thing for me, and it'll go something like this for every shower I take: Week 1: 30 seconds of cold ; Week 2: 1 minute of cold ; Week 3: 90 seconds of cold ; Week 4: 2 minutes of cold (until the end of the year!). I'll post about the benefits another time, but feel free to check it out now if curiosity has the best of you!

2022 already has those good vibes, we can feel it! What are your rituals? We’d love to hear them!

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