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Corporate Wellness Programs

Collectively our team has over 45 years of building programs and content for corporations of all sizes. From startups to Fortune 100 companies, we have serviced over 500 companies, coached over 40 executives, hosted over 30 leadership retreats, delivered over 50 engaging onsite health events and taught over 10,000 participants in our meaningful webinars and onsite seminars.

It is our goal to bring your organization meaningful wellness programs that align to your company's mission and support your employees in having more energy for the people and things that matter most to them. 

Out of the Box Onsite Wellness Event

Looking to host an onsite event for your employees, without the hassle of coordinating and the risk of bringing in unfamiliar vendors? 

Theory of Me provides out-of-the-box Wellness events that cover all areas of wellbeing delivered as a meaningful experience to your employees. 

Nutritional Cooking

Healthy Hour

Meal planning for busy people. This subscription will deliver recipes, time-saving tips and a shopping list right to your Inbox, and even pre-populate your grocery list right in Instacart! Prepare 2 main meals, 2 side dishes and 1 dessert in 60 minutes!

Executive Leadership Wellbeing Retreat or Workshop

Managing your energy is important to all everyone that values longevity, and essential to maintaining physical health, emotional health and enhancing emotional intelligence. Our leadership experiences create the time and space for participants to dive deep to find areas of opportunity in managing energy, and create a meaningful plan for reaching optimal performance.

This event is built to create sustainable behavior change and has been successfully delivered to over 500 organizations. 

Food Photography

Cooking Demo Series

Knowing the skills to prepare a healthy meal in a reasonable amount of time can be the barrier to nourishing your body for improved energy. This virtual or in person cooking series will teach participants how to prepare meals that do not rob your time or energy bank!


Available as a "Family Friendly" series or class with our chef's 10-year-old daughter as guest chef! 


Motivational Speaker

Webinars & Seminars 

Give your audience more than motivation. Our speaker's messages will help your population find more meaning in their work, and greater happiness in life. Our highly-rated motivational speakers with each have 12+ years of
speaker experience, reaching over
50,000 participants. Build your program through custom content delivered in person for virtually. 

Food Photography

Wellness Campaign

Ready to hone in on one particular area of wellbeing? Allow us to customize a program focused on your desired area of wellbeing. Mental and emotional health, physical health, movement and mobility, mindfulness and work/life balance - you name the topic and we'll bring the resources!

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