Cooking Class





+ weekly sessions - Thursdays @ 7:30pm EST

This interactive live cooking demo will walk you through steps to prepare two meals and one sweet snack for the upcoming week. Join us with a cocktail or drink of choice as we laugh our way through new recipes, share the health benefits of each, and support women + men in becoming healthier eaters on a budget. 

What is included? 

+ Monthly meal plan, inclusive of 2 meals + 1 sweet treat for each week

+ Monthly suggested grocery list

+ Estimated monthly budget

+ Live chat 

+ Nutrition education throughout from our holistic nutrition therapist

+ Ability to nominate a family who could use a meal, whether it be due to financial or emotional hardship, or if they are just in need of some extra love that week. The chosen winner will be delivered the same meals the following morning with a note from TOM and a personal note from you. 

*All recipes are prepared to make 8 servings. It is our goal is to help you cook once and get 2 meals out of each recipe. 

This is for you....

+ If you scramble to pull meals together

+ If you need meal creativity in your life

+ If you want to dedicated one hour to 4 meals + a snack each week

+ If you are open to a few good laughs

+ If you get hungry

Cost : $25/month 


Woman Cooking in Kitchen