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Theory of Me was founded in 2017 after our founder obsessed over creating a happier, healthier, more effective way of living, only to find out she wasn't the only one obsessing over this! A few cups of coffee, lots of tears (mostly from laughing), and an undying passion for late night talks, and voila! we were officially a team.  


Rather than focusing on simply the ever-so-important foundations of wellbeing (nutrition, movement, mindfulness, etc.) we found that by simply knowing our purpose, applying cognitive behavioral therapy intervention to current thinking patterns, and creating a community of support, we would swap out pipe dreams with actually living our best lives. Now, we're here to share our methodology with you! 

Our facilitators, coaches and counselors are hired not only by expertise, but by life experiences. We want to know that each coach has applied a behavior change model to their own life during adversity to ensure the delivery of empathy, support and compassion with every connection.