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Theory of Me was founded in 2017 after our founder obsessed over creating a happier, healthier, more meaningful way of living. After spending a decade in the corporate wellness industry, she participated in a human performance course than changed her life. Once she applied the principals to her own life, she realized this was the key to making traditional wellness programming work. 

It wasn't much longer before she was asked to host a performance retreat for a group of wedding planners in Napa Valley, formalizing the first version of our content. The event went so well that she obsessed over this as a sole health and wellness business concept. 


Rather than focusing solely on the ever-so-important foundations of wellbeing (nutrition, movement, mindfulness, etc.) we found that changing participant mindset is what makes change sustainable. By simply knowing our purpose, applying cognitive behavioral therapy intervention to current thinking patterns, and creating a community of support, we would swap out seemingly unattainable goals with living out the best version of self.  Our methodology and content is truly what makes us unique!

Our team of experts is made up of

the following: 

Nutrition Therapist

Meditation Facilitator

Natural Food Chef

Brain Health Coach 


Human Performance Coach

Licensed Professional Clinical  Counselor

Personal Trainer


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